Aitor Urdangarin Sculptor


Art Criticism  Aitor Urdangarin Sculptor


Aitor Urdangarin´s sculptures are born of the love for the wavy line, almost always double and fused in an embrace.

A couple who meet each other in order to offer us their different moods, sometimes quiet and calm, other times vibrant and passionate in an energy vortex.

The steel’s clear material conjures us a vision of the rich tradition of the Basque steel mills. This honest, powerful and vigorous art comes from the ancient forges, but it is nowadays sifting through modernity, so as to revive the identity of the Basque people.

Inspiring art when the wavy meeting takes place without shrillness, when the silence becomes matter through contemporary forms.

To sum up, it’s a hymn to the line and the purified forms, which are put together to create a series of essential knots, as if they were infinite hugs.

Maria Dolores Rosado Llamas
Professor of Art History.

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