Aitor Urdangarin Sculptor


Art Criticism  Aitor Urdangarin Sculptor


   Making something different, laying the foundations apart from fashions and trends,  rooting the own creation in a personal and unique land... these tasks become impossible to be carried out without a previous deep study in the different artistic environments.

   In the case of the sculptural work of Aitor Urdangarín, it is about the product of an intense intellectual and personal journey, through which he went into a deep research by the different ways of art. The result is a series of sculptures that set up a close relationship between silence and space, a dialogue established as a bridge between drawing and its material execution, that allows to raise the status of each piece to works of art.

   His works take us back to the true origin of the sculpture. His art manages to modulate the air, space, emptiness... drawing a three-dimensional poem that seems to float before us, as a simple doodle made by air’s whim, an appearance that plays with the magic of an idea and speaks to us, teaches us the essence of what we are, showing us the way by which we can explore our origin as human beings. 

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